BTSS Honours Mr. Benjamin Lim, a Brain Tumour Patient Who Lived Life to the Fullest

The late Mr. Benjamin Lim was only 28 years old when he passed away from an aggressive form of brain cancer tumour known as glioblastoma

Mr. Lim was first diagnosed with this medical condition in June 2021. What followed was two rounds of brain surgery, weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and speech therapy during his recovery phase. 

But despite all the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that Mr. Lim went through, he remained optimistic with an inspiring zest for life. 

“Even when he was recovering from his first round of brain surgery, Benjamin would go to the cat cafe and entertain himself by playing with the cats,” reminisced his 31-year-old sister, Ms. Joanne Lim. 

Benjamin eating with his family

Still coping with the recent loss of her beloved brother, Ms. Lim looked back on the memories with tears in her eyes. “After he came back home from visiting the cafe, he would say to me, “I bring you go, lah.” He’s a sweet guy and would go around the neighbourhood, feeding the stray cats and buying toys for them when he’s not out volunteering at the day care.” 

Once an active member of the Brain Tumour Society (Singapore), Mr. Lim volunteered at Oasis@Outram (a day hospice at Outram Community Hospital) during his free time. He would be a “buddy” to new patients enrolled into the day hospice, living his day meaningfully by chatting with them and helping out in whatever way he could. 

His sister also reflected on his perseverance to live life to the fullest until the very end. 

“Even after his second operation in February 2023, Benjamin still remained positive afterwards. He didn’t give up and continued with his rehab, insisting on going for physiotherapy until the day he got too tired and started to drop off from his physio sessions,” remembered Ms. Lim. “He gave his very best to get back to life until the tumour affected his mobility. Even when he became wheelchair-bound, my brother still carried hope of going back to the day care centre to help others who are in need.” 

Benjamin and his craft project

Being a close-knit family of four, Mr. Lim’s immediate kins supported him however they could to check the items off his bucket list. 

One of Benjamin’s dearest wishes was to plan a family trip to Malaysia after he had missed a trip to Johor Bahru that was organised for Founder’s Day due to the operation for his second relapse. Wanting to help fulfil one of his last wishes, the Brain Tumour Society (BTSS) stepped in to specially organise a JB family group tour for him. Thanks to their tireless efforts and support, the organisation managed to make the trip happen in the end so that he could eat all his favourite foods in JB with his family. 

“We’re very grateful to BTSS for granting his last wish before he passed on,” shared Joanne. “Now whenever we see foods that my brother used to like, for example, durians, my Mum and I will go, “Eh, that’s his favourite fruit.” 

Benjamin on his family trip

Benjamin was a pillar of positivity and a model example of what it means to live fully despite the circumstances. His absence is keenly felt by his family, friends, and those whose lives were touched by him. 

If you’d like to help BTSS work alongside individuals like Benjamin on their life journeys, you can support by donating to the organisation. 

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