Nurturing Compassion: Ihsan Casket’s Commitment to Dignified Endings

In Singapore, our esteemed organisation, Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA), has been a pillar of support for the Muslim community, overseeing the Darul Ihsan Orphanages since 1962. 

While many are familiar with this facet of our work, few are aware that our commitment, dating back to our establishment in 1904, extends to ensuring every member of the Muslim population receives a proper and dignified Islamic burial.

To realise this enduring objective, we strategically launched our inaugural social enterprise, Ihsan Casket, during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ihsan Casket: Crafting a Comprehensive Farewell

Operational round-the-clock, Ihsan Casket presents a comprehensive package crafted to alleviate the tribulations of the funeral process. Our services encompass paperwork and burial permits, the collection of the deceased from the hospital, a fully equipped casket van, and grave accessories.

From washing and shrouding to prayers and burial arrangements, every detail is meticulously handled with the utmost care and respect. The dedicated team at Ihsan Casket is unwavering in preserving Islamic traditions and values, upholding the virtue and vision of Adab and Akhlaq.

A noteworthy feature offered by Ihsan Casket is placenta burial, a thoughtful service allowing new parents to celebrate their joyous moment while our staff collects the placenta with compassion and empathy. 

Contributing to the Community

Ihsan Casket foetus burial

What sets Ihsan Casket apart is our commitment to giving back to the community through a plough-back model. 

All proceeds generated contribute to MTFA’s charitable endeavours, primarily subsidising burial costs for unclaimed bodies and deceased members of low-income families. The funds may also support other charitable objectives, including the orphanage, dialysis centre, and financial aid under the MTFA umbrella.

In 2023, Ihsan Casket facilitated 32 pro-bono burials, made possible by public engagement. Despite being subsidised or free, each burial is executed with the same compassion and care, echoing the belief that every Muslim person deserves respect, honour, and dignity, regardless of their life’s path.

Beyond funeral management, Ihsan Casket consistently undertakes the burial of unclaimed foetuses and surgical remains. As of October, 489 foetuses and 989 surgical remains have found their resting place through Ihsan Casket this year.

Our Commitment to Dignified Endings

In fulfilling the amanah (trust) to serve the Ummah (Muslim community), Ihsan Casket is dedicated to upholding values of compassion, respect, and excellence. Our mission extends beyond exceptional funeral services; we aim to be a pillar of support for the Muslim community during challenging times.

For more information or to engage with Ihsan Casket, visit, email [email protected], or contact us at 8858 7556

Together, let’s strive towards a sincere pursuit of Ihsan. 

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