SimplyWills Ensures Your Legacy Is Well Taken Care Of

At SimplyWills, we believe that failing to plan a will means that you’re planning to fail. 

Without a will, you risk leaving the distribution of your assets to Singapore’s Intestate Succession Act. This means that your estate may not be distributed to people you cherish in the way you would like after your passing. 

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, SimplyWill’s legal team offers the following services: 

To help you better understand the importance of estate planning, check out these resources. 

The No. 1 Misconception About Will-Writing in Singapore 

Learn about the common will-writing misconceptions in Singapore so you don’t fall prey to them too. 

Is Will-Writing Really Expensive? 

Discover how much you’ll need to budget for a written will that fits Singapore’s legal requirements. 

What’s the Best Age To Make a Will? 

Drafting a will early ensures your wishes are safeguarded, so that your assets will be well taken care of, even when you’re no longer around. 

Contact our lawyers now to safeguard your legacy at only S$378. 

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