A Lifelong Legacy: His Children Donated Bai Jin to St Luke’s ElderCare in Honour of Their Father’s Well-Lived Life

Within the bustling Western part of Singapore lies St Luke’s ElderCare Ayer Rajah Centre (SLEC ARC).

For those who may not know, SLEC is a Christian healthcare provider committed to meeting the evolving needs of the community, excelling in social care and clinical excellence for ageing well. Their ecosystem of care comprises centre, community, residential, and home-based services. 

Opened in 2018, SLEC ARC is situated within a Community Club, so that it could better serve the seniors in need of eldercare services and also serve seniors through their active ageing programmes and activities.

It’s also where Mr Low enjoyed his golden years. As a prominent elder at ARC, SLEC staff members fondly remember Mr Low even after his passing. 

“Mr Low was a naturally curious individual. With his gentle voice, he often asks about the activities taking place within the centre,” shared Centre Manager Tony. He recalled an instance during an art activity when Mr Low asked about the process of obtaining materials for the activity and the subsequent steps upon completing the project. 

Mr Low craft project SLEC

Beyond his curiosity, Mr Low actively engaged in various centre activities despite his fragile health. His consistent participation served as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that despite your circumstances in life, you can still choose to always give your best efforts. 

Staff Lily commented, “Mr Low is a quiet man who always requested the care staff to record his vital signs in his little notebook.” 

Besides that, the gracious elder consistently exemplified kindness throughout his time at the centre. “Mr Low is known for his well-mannered and respectable nature,” remarked Staff Angie. 

Over the years, his warm smile and caring demeanour were evident in every simple interaction. Despite his delicate condition, Mr Low always made sure to extend his arm and greet staff members who approached him at the car porch. 

After his passing, Mr Low’s last wishes revealed that he did not forget about his time spent at SLEC ARC. His two sons donated all the bai jin (condolence money received as a gesture of sympathy and respect for an individual’s passing) to SLEC. 

The ARC team was deeply moved by Mr Low’s generous act, but his sons reassured them, “It’s what Dad would have wanted.” 

As someone who had lived his life to the fullest even until the very last moment, Mr Low’s legacy continues to inspire us to live a life that inspires others. His presence is greatly missed but would always be cherished in our memories. 

If you would like to help others like Mr Low live out their golden years at SLEC, support the team’s efforts by donating any amount you’re comfortable with. 

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