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Our Origins

At liveful, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that life is meant to be embraced fully, no matter the ups and downs that come with it.

By living in the present with intention and purpose, the liveful app is designed to help you celebrate life in your own unique ways.

From the laughter shared with your loved ones to the quiet moments of self-reflection to the successes in your life, these experiences pave the solid foundation for a meaningful, impactful legacy that will transcend generations to come.

Thank you for deciding to be part of the #liveful movement as we make every moment count.

Meet The liveful Team

To do great work often requires a great team. That’s why the liveful team is made up of exceptional individuals driven by a shared belief for the brand’s vision of living fully.

With each of our core team bringing vibrant experiences across entrepreneurship, tech, engineering, and digital marketing, we’ve created a safe, supportive space to be yourself at every stage of life.

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