Turn human ashes
into Soul Diamonds

A cremation diamond crafted from your loved one’s ashes creates an everlasting bond between your life and their afterlife to honour their memory forever

From ashes to diamonds, eternalise your loved ones forever.

Soul Diamond ring cremation diamonds from human ashes

A beautifully sparkling way to honour their memory 

Soul Diamond necklace ashes into diamonds

A physical keepsake to wear at all times and feel connected

Golden ring and diamond

Created with certified suppliers and ethical guidelines 

Prices start from S$4,800

Soul Diamond turning ashes into diamonds

Behind the scenes:
How to turn your loved one’s
ashes to diamonds

Technological advancements have made it possible to turn hair and ashes into diamonds so you can create a physical keepsake out of your loved one’s remains. 

Soul Diamonds (aka cremation diamonds or memorial diamonds) can be made solely from the hair or ashes of your loved one to honour their memory. There’s also the option to combine cremation ashes with hair from a living person. Learn more about liveful’s cremation diamonds process below.

1. Send us your loved one’s ashes

Upon receiving your loved one’s ashes and/or hair, send the recommended amount to our trusted facility. 

Once the required materials arrive safely, our experts extract carbon from the ashes or hair, and purify it. It’s a long process that takes approximately 5,000 minutes or 7 days, give or take. 

Our laboratory recreates the high-temperature, high-pressure environment used to develop natural diamonds. Under these settings, the purified carbon is slowly turned into a cremation diamond, hour by hour. 

As the saying goes, “Good things take time.” Each Soul Diamond will be hand-delivered to you approximately 11 months after. 

Get certified

Rest assured that every cremation diamond crafted at liveful passes through the strictest quality check and comes certified by a third-party organisation.*

Enjoy peace of mind that your Soul Diamond contains your loved one’s ashes and not somebody else’s. 

*If you do not wish to receive a certification for your diamond, all you need to do is indicate it in your request when you fill up the quote form.

Soul Diamond certified cremation diamonds

How much does turning ashes into diamonds cost?

Quality is our top priority at every stage of the cremation diamonds process. The price for a Soul Diamond starts from S$4,800. Turning ashes to diamonds cost factors typically include:

  1. Your preferred carat, cut, and colour* 
  2. The purification process 
  3. The diamond creation process and duration 
  4. The jewellery setting 
  5. Logistics to ensure safe delivery of the materials at every stage of the process 

*Customisation is available on request. Kindly fill up the form to receive a bespoke quote from our team. 

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